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Online Income Diary March 2011

*Originally transcribed 1 April 2011 this post failed to publish, like a hit recording lost in the studios archives it is making a late but perhaps timely appearance…

Online Income Diary – March 2011

Financially there is little to report for March 2011. Strategically I have made a big decision (and financial investment) that I believe will make an even bigger difference to my endeavours to seek an extra income.

My Squidoo earnings remain pretty constant and are a fair reflection of the amount of time I have invested in this income stream.

Internet Earnings – March 2011

Squidoo. $1.22

Total Earnings $1.22

Business Costs – March 2011

Site Build It! subscription $300.00

Balance -$301.22

SBI – A Big Financial Investment with Big Expectations

My experiences to date have led me to the conclusion that, to reach my income targets I must build and create a website in a potentially profitable niche. Considerable research has led me to believe that Site Build It! offers the best resources, tools and education for just that purpose.

I have made the initial financial investment and over the coming months will be working through the material to identify my niche, build a content based site, attract traffic and monetize my site.

I will continue to report my monthly progress and hope to find the time to share my view of the SBI! experience.



It takes time to establish a residual income

Holiday’s are coming, passive income is waiting!

Day 18 – $66 Internet Profit Systems Challenge

It’s that time of year again; the end of the school year, the long Christmas break, a hectic social calendar and an even busier todo list! Not that I am complaining, I love this time of year, a celebration of family and friendship.

There’s just one problem. I am nowhere near reaching my $66 target, in fact I am currently in the red! Unlike more established Internet entrepreneurs my Internet profit systems are not creating a passive income. This means that whilst I am holidaying, my internet profit systems will not be purring away in the background generating a residual income 24 hours a day.

In fact, worse than that. As a newbie my sites and webpages do not yet have an established network of backlinks neither is their presence established on search engines such as Google. What does this mean? After just 3 days away from the PC, I’ve noticed that my hard earned rankings and ratings have dropped! What, dare I wonder will the impact of 2 or 3 weeks be?

As previously stated the purpose of this project is to prove that a stay at home Mum can earn an extra income through Internet profit systems. As a stay at home Mum my family comes first, my time with them is precious and so, what’s the plan for the next 24 days of the $66 Internet Profit Systems Challenge.

1. Build my understanding of keyword research, this process is key to search engine optimization and the profitably of Internet profit systems.

2. Try and visit my favourite forums as often as possible – I have found that forums have been one of my most successful forms of traffic generation, receiving just a few visits as a day as a result of my forum signature will help protect the ranking of some of my webpages.

And that’s it. Christmas is for family. When I return it will be Day 40 of the Internet profit systems challenge and I will have just 26 days to turn webpages into dollar signs.

Accepted by Demand Studios

Day 11 – $66 Internet Profit Systems Challenge

Yesterday I was accepted by Demand Studios! The editorial team have accepted my application and I am now a member of “a select group of writers who produce high quality articles for several brand-name websites on the Internet”.

It all sounds very grand but the bottom line is that now I have been accepted by Demand Studios I have a very real opportunity to create an extra income writing with eHow. Not only does this mean that I can start to make more money relatively quickly it also means that I can start to create a residual or passive income. The perfect for kind of income for a busy stay at home Mum.

What is Demand Studios?

Demand Studios is a content provider. They provide content to a number of websites including eHow, which just happens to be one of the most visited sites in the US. Demand Studios use a bank of freelance writers whom they pay for writing articles on a range of topics, in a variety of formats.

Joining Demand Studios, Writing with eHow

Applications to start writing with eHow are made and managed via Demand Studios. Both websites have built their reputation on the quality of the content they offer, Demand Studios maintains this standard through a relatively rigorous selection process which requires applicants to have a specific level of experience and expertise.

You can access the application form through either the eHow homepage or by heading straight to the Demand Studios website. Completion requires that you submit a relevant resume and a writing sample.

My application was processed in approximately 24 hours and once I had received the e-mail informing me that I had been accepted by Demand Studios I was able to log in to the site and head straight to My Work Desk.

Before you Start Writing with eHow

Accepted by Demand Studios

The Demand Studios Work Desk


Once you have been accepted by Demand Studios and before you can get into full swing writing with eHow, you must complete a series of freshman tasks. Initially a bio must be created which highlights your professional experience.  Receiving approval of the bio can sometimes be harder than being accepted by Demand Studios in the first place – my first bio has already been rejected, let’s hope the next one meets the mark.

Freshman writers must then complete their first three assignments under the guidance of an editor. Each article is reviewed and feedback provided before publication. Freshmen are strongly advised to wait for the feedback from their first assignment before starting the second.

At this stage you cannot assign your own article title and must select from those available through the find assignments interface.  In my opinion this limits the titles available to a freshman writer and may make those first few assignments harder than most. But, this is the process that has to be followed if you are to gain your spurs as an eHow writer and so I have claimed my first assignment from the available list. I now have seven days to deliver against the title “How to make a Solar Panel from a Domestic Radiator”.

How will I earn an extra income writing with eHow and Demand Studio?Writing with eHow

In the first instance an eHow writer earns an extra income by being paid a fixed fee for a published article.  After review and fact checking by a copy editor, the article (previously selected and claimed through the find assignments interface) is published and payment is processed with the average fee for a 400 – 500 word article being $15.

Now let’s do the math. At $15 per article, working a five day week I would need to publish 8 or 9 articles per day to earn approximately  $30,000 per year. As a stay at home Mum this really isn’t the passive income I am looking for.  So why am I so excited about being accepted by Demand Studios and the eHow opportunity?

Building an eHow Residual Income

By all accounts the eHow revenue share program is the best on the net. In other words it seems like eHow is the writing site with the biggest pay offer.

Once I have completed my first three articles I will have full Work Desk access which includes the option to create my own article titles on subjects of my choice, titles which can then be submitted for payment via the eHow revenue share program.

Writers build their eHow residual income by being paid relative to the number of times the article is viewed and for as long as articles continue to live on the web and be of interest to readers the writer will continue to be paid. On this model an optimized article, targeting a well chosen keyword niche has the potential to earn far more than $15.  Indeed I have come across many reports of writers receiving over $200 for just one article over a twelve month period.  All of a sudden, requiring just 150 articles rather than 2,340, $30,000 a year seems so much more achievable.

By becoming an active member of the eHow revenue share program it’s relatively easy to create a passive income and that’s why I’m so excited to have been accepted by Demand Studios.