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Online Income Diary February 2011

In the second month of my online income diary and although monthly earnings remain below $50 they are relatively steady.

Online Income Diary – Feb 2011

Writing with Demand Studios remains my main source of income, generating a further $30 for my Paypal account.

Whilst, My Squidoo earnings have almost doubled as a result of adding two news lenses to my revenue share portfolio in December 2010.

Internet Earnings – Feb 2011

Squidoo. $1.09
Demand Studios. $30.00

Total Earnings $31.09

(I continue to my endeavour to had show my monthly internet earnings in a table or spreadsheet format, and would appreciate any assistance that readers may have with this challenge.)

Building Passive Income – Current Goal

To double my money and report monthly internet earnings of $100 in April 2011.

The quest continues.



Squidoo Payday – Let’s Double It!

Bigger Goals, Bigger Achievements

Earn Money With Squidoo Payday

Yesterday I received my second Squidoo payday.  This occasion was made all the more joyous by the fact that my monthly earnings had almost doubled! Squidoo’s new payday reporting system told me that I’d doubled the bucks because I’d doubled my  number of Tier 2 lenses.

And so today I’m upping the ante.

Inspired by this success and Seth Godin’s Blog this morning – Make Big Plans – I have decided to trash my recent goal of $100 by end of April.

Seth’s words of wisdom remind us that the best way to make big things happen is to make big plans!

So, let’s double it!

My January online income reports almost $50 in the bank – I’m doubling it and aiming to report $100 for February.

To achieve this I am going to have to publish at least 5 articles with Demand Studios over the next 10 days.

But, that’s not all. Because I’m aiming to throw another double.

5 articles with Demand Studios, 10 lenses with Squidoo.  I’m challenging myself to publish 10 new Squidoo lenses in 20 days, aiming for ten quality lenses that achieve a minimum of Tier 2 status.

Stayed tuned to follow my progress and feel free to show your support with a quick comment below.

With thanks


Online Income Diary January 2011

As my quest to seek an extra income from home swings into full force I’ve decided it’s time I launched an online income diary. A monthly report of my internet earnings. I’m kicking off with January 2011 (a little later than I’d planned) and will be producing a report at the close of each month.

Online Income Diary – Jan 2011

Writing with Demand Studios was my main source of income for January 2011, adding $45 to my Paypal account.

I was also really pleased to receive my first Squidoo payday in January 2011, revenue share for lens performance in November 2011. As my payment was below the $1 threshold it remains in the hands of Squidoo however I’m pretty sure they’ll be handing it over in February 2011.

Internet Earnings – Jan 2011

(I had wanted to show my monthly internet earnings in a table or spreadsheet format. I’ve since discovered that this is harder than it sounds. So I’m getting this post out there with a view to tackling the HTML next month!)

Building Passive Income – Plans for Feb 2011 and beyond

Internet Profit Systems – Current Goal

To double my money and report monthly internet earnings of $100 in April 2011 .

Better get to it!


I Made More Than $66 in 66 Days.

$66 Income from Home Challenge – Late Payments

I’ve done it! I’ve achieved my goal of making $66 in 66 Days, I fact I’ve surpassed it.

The last of my challenge articles has been approved by Demand Studios. Entitled “A Checklist Early Language Development” this article generated a one-off fee of $15 taking my running total from $59.58  to $74.58.

I’m really excited to have reached my objective and am looking forward to tackling my next income from home challenge;

How quickly can this stay at home Mum create  a regular $66 per week?

(answers on the back of a postcard or in the comments section below)

My First $66 Income From Home

Day 66 – $66 Internet Profit Systems Challenge

The $66  Internet Profit Systems Challenge is over. 66 days have passed and this first chapter in my quest to earn an extra income from home is closed.

So, how did  I do? Did I launch my career as an internet entrepreneur by making my first $66?

The $66 Internet Profit Systems Challenge – The story so far;
Total Spend : $1.00

When I launched the $66 Internet Profit Systems Challenge I was seeking to attract traffic and create backlinks to this blog and my Squidoo page : Income from Home – The $66 Challenge. As part of my efforts I paid $1 to submit a press release to a distribution service.  This is the only cash investment I have made in my attempt to start to earn an extra income working from home.

Earnings at  Day 66 :    $30.58

On the final day of the $66 Internet Profit Systems Challenge I have made the grand total of $30.58.

58 cents was my first payment from the revenue share site Squidoo. Read all about my first Squidoo payday.

The lions share of my extra income – $30 – has come from articles I have written for Demand Studios.  At a rate of $15 per article my first two articles were published via Demand Studios on the eHow website. Once accepted by Demand Studios I have found writing for eHow to be a reliable, efficient and relatively easy way to start earning an extra income.  As examples of the kind of work you can pick up through Demand Studios my first two published articles were:

How to Reduce Home Delivery of Junk Mail


How to Make Quick Cash with No Outlay

Balance at Day 66 : $29.58

But wait…..

Although the $66 Internet Profit Systems Challenge finished on Day 66 (31st January 2011) I had not yet been paid for all of the work that I have completed during the 66 day period.

A further $30 from Demand Studios

On the 31st January 2011 I had 3 articles outstanding with Demand Studios, this means that my writing has been submitted for review by the Demand Studios editors and is pending acceptance.

I’m happy to say that in the few days since 31st January two of these articles have been accepted adding a further $30 to the income from home pot.

I am still awaiting news on my final article.

Two Squidoo Paydays Remain

Beyond this extra income from Demand Studios I have the pleasure of two further Squidoo Paydays.  Like most revenue share sites Squidoo pay in arrears.  The $66 Internet Profit Systems Challenge ran through December 2010 to the end of January 2011.  I will be paid monthly revenue share for the performance of my  Squidoo lenses during these months on 15th February and 15th March respectively.

$59.58 and counting…

And so the story continues, will my final article for Demand Studios be accepted, rejected or returned for a rewrite? How much will the next two Squidoo Paydays add to the income from home pot?

On 15th March 2011 the final tally will be made and the book will close on the $66 in 66 Days Internet Profit Systems Challenge.

Stay at Home Mum Seeks $66 in 66 Days

Day 1 – $66 Internet Profit Systems challenge

The Story So Far

Yesterday I wrote about how for the past 2 months and 5 days I have been working hard to start to make more money online. I am a member of My Online Income System Kimberley Hoffman and as a stay at home Mum began my quest to seek an extra income by following her 60 day action plan.

I have not completed the action plan, I have not done everything Kimberley Hoffman advises to make her internet profit system profitable nor have I made my first dollar.  That said, I have learnt a huge amount and on that basis I would recommend My Online Income System Kimberley Hoffman to anyone who is serious about working online to create an extra income.

The Next Step

After 2 months and 5 days of hard study I have come to realise that My Online Income System Kimberley Hoffman is perhaps the wrong system for me.  Through its fantastic training course, this program teaches members to build a profitable online business which like any business requires a certain level of commitment, especially in its infancy. As a stay at home Mum with two children (including a very lively 9 month old) I cannot consistently invest the time required each day to get the best from Kimberley Hoffman’s system.

I have decided that I need a different approach.  Using the knowledge I have gained over the last 2 months and 5 days I am going to spend the next 2 months 5 days creating a series of smaller internet profit systems that will once established will generate a passive income.

The Challenge – build internet profit systems and create $66 in 66 days

2 months and 5 days equates to 66 days.  Over the next 66 days I am going to truly launch my quest to seek an extra income by using everything I have learnt so far to create a profit of $66. A dollar for every day of this challenge.

Stay at Home Mum Seeks $66 in 66 Days

It’s not huge, it’s not grand mansions and first class travel but it’s realistic and from little acorns…

So can I do it? Can I prove that it is possible for a stay at home Mum to create an extra income online? I have no previous experience or knowledge of internet profit systems, I have two children, one lovely husband and a lot of ironing, school finishes for the 6 week summer holidays exactly 3 weeks from now and it’s Christmas in 36 days.  There’s lots to do!

I  will be reporting on my progress by posting in this blog; the successes, the failures and everything in between.  Take a moment to subscribe (by entering your email in the box in top right hand corner) and you will receive regular updates either by email or RSS feed.

Wish me luck!


Stay at Home Mum introduces Internet Profit Systems

Internet Profit Systems – in a Nutshell!

It’s been 2 months and 5 days since I started my quest to earn an extra income.  So what have I learnt about how a stay at home Mum can create an extra income online?  What can I share with other stay at home Mums that may help them start to make more money online?

A Stay at Home Mum Understands  Internet Profit Systems

Firstly and perhaps most importantly internet profit systems really do exist. Over the last couple of months I have discovered unequivocally that there really are thousands of people out there working at home, online to create an extra income. In fact in many instances people are earning extremely large incomes, perhaps not as vast as some of the adverts may lead us to believe (you know the ones showing dreamy yachts, gorgeous mansions and a life of unlimited luxury) but definitely enough to support a family.  So, how do you do it? What do you need to start to make more money online?

Profitable internet profit systems are dependent upon a number of key elements.

  • Identifying a niche
  • Finding great products and commission earning opportunities
  • Identifying keywords that offer lots of opportunity with little competition
  • Building a website or blog with no technical knowledge or previous experience
  • Generating traffic and creeping up the search engine rankings
  • Using free marketing techniques to create between 5 and 10 high quality backlinks each day.

Over the past 2 months and 5 days I have developed my understanding across all of these areas whilst working hard to build my own online system for creating an extra income.

If you have lots of time on your hands it is possible to build your knowledge in all of these areas simply by surfing the internet but as a busy stay at home Mum I think this would be an extremely difficult path to take.

The Easiest Way for a Stay at Home Mum to Get Started

As a stay at home Mum I needed a learning process that is easy to follow, simply structured and focused.  There is enough going on in life without the added challenge of trying to teach yourself a whole new business.

The easiest way to get started and start to make more money is to ‘plug-in’ to one of the internet profit systems that has already been tried and tested by many other users. There are lots of internet profit systems already available on the internet that as a newbie you can plug into, these are proven internet profit systems that the creators are happy to share with others. By subscribing to one of these systems you will be given access to a full training course showing you how to work the system and teaching you all of the elements I have mentioned above.

I chose to subscribe to  and have learnt a phenomenal amount.

You can find our more about some of the most successful internet profit systems available today by visiting one of the following sites:

Click here to read some Income from Home Reviews

Click here to read about 3 of the most popular work from home opportunities

Click here to be introduced to some of the most popular ways you can start to make more money online

Building Successful Internet Profit Systems

Earning an extra income online requires time, hard work and patience.  I have tried to spend a couple of hours each day on my quest to earn an extra income, sometimes this hasn’t been possible and on occasion I have become frustrated about the lack of time available to me.  There simply aren’t enough hours in the day!

But let’s not forget, I have decided to work from home as an internet entrepreneur so that I can continue to be a full-time stay at home Mum. I am trying to create internet profit systems that work for me and family, not the other way round! Currently I am in danger of working for them.

In 2 months and 5 days under the tuition of My Online Income System Kimberley Hoffman I have;

  • built 3 blogs and 1 website
  • published 3 Squidoo pages and 7 articles
  • become an active member of 6 forums
  • created lots of active backlinks

It’s not enough to have generated my first dollar but it has given me a good understanding of the basics, the foundations of internet profit systems.

The Next Phase of My Quest to Earn an Extra Income

And, from this point my quest to earn an extra income moves into a new phase. A new commitment;

I am going to use my understanding to build a series of internet profit systems that work for me and my family. Systems that I will set-up and establish so that they automatically create a passive income.

In another 2 months and 5 days, on Sunday 30th January I will be reporting on the success of my internet profit systems, giving a blow-by-blow account of my extra income.

Subscribe to this blog and stay tuned as I post details of my actions and progress along the way…