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Online Income Diary March 2011

*Originally transcribed 1 April 2011 this post failed to publish, like a hit recording lost in the studios archives it is making a late but perhaps timely appearance…

Online Income Diary – March 2011

Financially there is little to report for March 2011. Strategically I have made a big decision (and financial investment) that I believe will make an even bigger difference to my endeavours to seek an extra income.

My Squidoo earnings remain pretty constant and are a fair reflection of the amount of time I have invested in this income stream.

Internet Earnings – March 2011

Squidoo. $1.22

Total Earnings $1.22

Business Costs – March 2011

Site Build It! subscription $300.00

Balance -$301.22

SBI – A Big Financial Investment with Big Expectations

My experiences to date have led me to the conclusion that, to reach my income targets I must build and create a website in a potentially profitable niche. Considerable research has led me to believe that Site Build It! offers the best resources, tools and education for just that purpose.

I have made the initial financial investment and over the coming months will be working through the material to identify my niche, build a content based site, attract traffic and monetize my site.

I will continue to report my monthly progress and hope to find the time to share my view of the SBI! experience.



Online Income Diary February 2011

In the second month of my online income diary and although monthly earnings remain below $50 they are relatively steady.

Online Income Diary – Feb 2011

Writing with Demand Studios remains my main source of income, generating a further $30 for my Paypal account.

Whilst, My Squidoo earnings have almost doubled as a result of adding two news lenses to my revenue share portfolio in December 2010.

Internet Earnings – Feb 2011

Squidoo. $1.09
Demand Studios. $30.00

Total Earnings $31.09

(I continue to my endeavour to had show my monthly internet earnings in a table or spreadsheet format, and would appreciate any assistance that readers may have with this challenge.)

Building Passive Income – Current Goal

To double my money and report monthly internet earnings of $100 in April 2011.

The quest continues.


Online Income Diary January 2011

As my quest to seek an extra income from home swings into full force I’ve decided it’s time I launched an online income diary. A monthly report of my internet earnings. I’m kicking off with January 2011 (a little later than I’d planned) and will be producing a report at the close of each month.

Online Income Diary – Jan 2011

Writing with Demand Studios was my main source of income for January 2011, adding $45 to my Paypal account.

I was also really pleased to receive my first Squidoo payday in January 2011, revenue share for lens performance in November 2011. As my payment was below the $1 threshold it remains in the hands of Squidoo however I’m pretty sure they’ll be handing it over in February 2011.

Internet Earnings – Jan 2011

(I had wanted to show my monthly internet earnings in a table or spreadsheet format. I’ve since discovered that this is harder than it sounds. So I’m getting this post out there with a view to tackling the HTML next month!)

Building Passive Income – Plans for Feb 2011 and beyond

Internet Profit Systems – Current Goal

To double my money and report monthly internet earnings of $100 in April 2011 .

Better get to it!