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How to Publish a Press Release Online – For Free?

Day 5 – $66 Internet Profit Systems Challenge

Continuing with my endeavour to spread news of the $66 internet profit systems challenge I have reverted back to more traditional marketing methods and decided to publish a press release online.

Having written the press release – Stay at Home Mum Seeks $66 in 66 Days – I turned my attention to working out how to publish a press release online. Preferably for free!

At first glance a google search suggests that there are lots of free options to publish a press release online. However, further investigation quickly reveals that the majority of these free press release distribution services areactually only offering free registration. To publish a press release online, especially if you would like to include a clickable link back to your website, often comes with a fee.

How to Publish a Press Release Online

I spent Day 5 of the $66 Internet Profit Systems Challenge exploring the many different online press release distribution services, looking for a list of free pr sites. There are many lists available online however most of these also include those sites that require payment to publish a press release online. For those of you interested in how to publish a press release online I am sharing my findings:

List of Free PR Sites – that allow the inclusion of the crucial clickable link

Unfortunately this list is pretty short.

PR Log – one of the few truly free press release submission and distribution services PR Log allows clickable HTML links in the press release body. In just over 24 hours my press release – Stay at Home Mum Seeks $66 in 66 Days, The Internet Profit Systems Challenge – received 11 hits.

Free Press Release (well almost!) – with Free Press Release it took just 48 hours to obtain 599 views. This is a great result with just one snag, it wasn’t free! To include links in a release requires that you upgrade to the Premier package, this is only charged at $1 per release so I’m not complaining although the site requires that you pre-load your account with a minimum of $20 (a little cheeky but if the site generates good results then I’m not too bothered). The Premier release is also great value as just $1 allows 2 hyperlinked website addresses, one clickable website link at the foot of the release and up to 3 images, which are really useful for product based news stories.

Other recommended PR distribution services

There are hundreds of online PR distribution services.  Rather than providing an overwhelming list I am sharing the Top 5 places to publish a press release online.

PR Web – PR web is the top site in the industry and this is reflected in the fee of $80 per release.  If you have money available for PR this really is the best place to spend it.

PR Free – billed as the most affordable press release service PR Free offers its essential package at $30 per release

PR Leap – $50 for the basic text only release, PR Leap has a big focus on integrating social media functionality

24 – 7 Press Release –  offers an online visibility package at $49 per release.  24-7 Press Release may also lead users to believe that they should be on the list of free PR sites unfortunately their offer of free distribution comes with the following disclaimer:

“Due to the heavy submission volume of free press releases, we do not guarantee review or publication.
Please choose one of our Paid distribution packages.”

PR Newswire – Much more than a press release distribution service PR Newswire is a service for those businesses that have PR as a core element of their marketing strategy. Offering a tailor-made agency style service, PR Newswire will help you create a PR campaign within a predetermined budget to deliver against clearly defined goals and objectives.

Building The List of Free PR Sites

As time goes on I hope to find more truly free services and be able to add to my list of free PR sites. In the meantime, if you know of any websites where users can publish a press release online and include links for free then please share the details in the comments section below.