Online Income Diary March 2011

*Originally transcribed 1 April 2011 this post failed to publish, like a hit recording lost in the studios archives it is making a late but perhaps timely appearance…

Online Income Diary – March 2011

Financially there is little to report for March 2011. Strategically I have made a big decision (and financial investment) that I believe will make an even bigger difference to my endeavours to seek an extra income.

My Squidoo earnings remain pretty constant and are a fair reflection of the amount of time I have invested in this income stream.

Internet Earnings – March 2011

Squidoo. $1.22

Total Earnings $1.22

Business Costs – March 2011

Site Build It! subscription $300.00

Balance -$301.22

SBI – A Big Financial Investment with Big Expectations

My experiences to date have led me to the conclusion that, to reach my income targets I must build and create a website in a potentially profitable niche. Considerable research has led me to believe that Site Build It! offers the best resources, tools and education for just that purpose.

I have made the initial financial investment and over the coming months will be working through the material to identify my niche, build a content based site, attract traffic and monetize my site.

I will continue to report my monthly progress and hope to find the time to share my view of the SBI! experience.



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