Online Income Diary February 2011

In the second month of my online income diary and although monthly earnings remain below $50 they are relatively steady.

Online Income Diary – Feb 2011

Writing with Demand Studios remains my main source of income, generating a further $30 for my Paypal account.

Whilst, My Squidoo earnings have almost doubled as a result of adding two news lenses to my revenue share portfolio in December 2010.

Internet Earnings – Feb 2011

Squidoo. $1.09
Demand Studios. $30.00

Total Earnings $31.09

(I continue to my endeavour to had show my monthly internet earnings in a table or spreadsheet format, and would appreciate any assistance that readers may have with this challenge.)

Building Passive Income – Current Goal

To double my money and report monthly internet earnings of $100 in April 2011.

The quest continues.



2 responses to “Online Income Diary February 2011

  • jos

    love your work…thats about enough to take me to the cinema!!

  • Maya Frances

    If you want to put your earnings in your site as a table. Simply create a spreadsheet with your earnings on Google Docs. The under File in the menu bar, select “Publish to Web” and you can get the HTML code to insert the table onto your site. The best part is that as you update the spreadsheet in your Google docs it will be updated on your site! You can see an example at my blog if you want, where I did the same thing for my earnings.

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