Stay at home Mum too busy to seek an extra income!

Day 6 – $66 Internet Profit Systems Challenge

It’s official, today this stay at home Mum is too busy to earn an extra income. Swimming lessons, the mountain of washing, tidy up, whip round with the Dyson, make the beds, cook the dinner, bath the kids and time for bed.

Today I have only managed to find an hour to try and kick start my online efforts so that they start to make more money. This raises a very important question:

What is the best use of time if you can only work on your internet profit systems for an hour a day?

In this post I don’t have the answer, I can only tell you where I chose to focus my extra income efforts…

A quick check on Squidoo to update my income report (still nothing) and visit the Squidoo forum. Yesterday I asked more experienced Squiders than I to give me some feedback on my lens – Internet profit systems – it was encouraging to receive some great feedback.

I used some of my 60 minutes to finish the blog post I didn’t have time to finish yesterday – How to Publish a Press Release Online for Free.

And I paid a visit to my favourite work from home forum – Work at Home Forum – to post the question “what is the best use of time if you can only work on your internet profit systems for an hour a day?”. I have learnt a huge amount participating in this forum and would recommend it to anybody who is looking to start to make more money

In my opinion if you only have a short amount of time forums are a great place to focus your efforts. Why? Because every time you post and add your signature you are creating a clickable link, a backlink to your site or webpage. That’s my view, but let’s see what the experts say, I’ll be back with news from the forums when I have it.

In the meantime, back to the dishes!


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