The perfect job for a stay at home Mum?

Many would argue that I already have the perfect job and I would agree (well most days anyway!) which is exactly why I find myself here. I don’t want to give it up. I want to continue to be a stay at home Mum but I also want (and need) to create an extra income for our family.

So, after 6 years as a full-time stay at home mum the prospect of going back to work comes with mixed emotions and a demanding list of requirements.

The perfect job for a stay at home Mum:

  • Doesn’t require recent experience. I’m conscious that I have a huge 6 year gap in my CV – surely this isn’t something a potential employer is looking for?
  • Pays well.  Even though I haven’t worked for 6 years and am only looking for a part-time role my work needs to pay enough to cover childcare and contribute to the costs of a new home.
  • Is extremely flexible. I need a job that accommodates sick children, forgotten lunch boxes, performances in assembly and the bain of every working Mums life, school holidays!
  • Can be worked from home. Most of all, if I’m really honest, I don’t want to have to send my baby boy to childcare.

For months I have grappled with these issues; I’ve searched the internet looking for solutions,  I’ve applied for jobs feeling uncomfortable with the fact that they would require child care, I’ve developed business ideas trying to ignore the little voice telling me that they would be too demanding and lack flexibility.

I became confused and frustrated. How could my family and I possibly have the best of both worlds? Something would have to give.

I felt there had to be a solution somewhere on the internet. The web hosts thousands of stories telling the tale of people who successfully make more money online.  Do I believe them? Could I do that too?

Working online would be home-based, entirely flexible and if the stories are to be believed it’s got the potential to offer a really good extra income.

Could I re-launch myself as an internet entrepreneur? Have I found the perfect job for a stay at home Mum?


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