One mum’s quest to earn an extra income

Welcome to my journal, a space dedicated to anyone looking to earn an extra income working from home. An honest account of how a stay at home mum started to make more money online.

Let’s be clear from the start, I am yet to make a dollar through my online efforts. I am however a stay at home Mum and 6 weeks ago I began working from home to generate an extra income for myself and my family.

So, 6 weeks in I’ve created this journal to track my journey; a blow-by-blow account of my quest to earn an extra income. Think of it as reality TV without the moving pictures. To follow the drama you simply subscribe and you will receive realtime e-mail updates.

In this blog I am going to share my journey.

  • As I discover and learn more about how it’s possible to make more money online I will share my findings with my readers.
  • You will find details of what I find that works and what doesn’t.
  • I will talk about my own experiences as a stay at home mum trying to launch a new career as an internet entrepreneur, working around the school run, ear ache and nap times whilst delivering freshly pressed shirts and home cooked meals.
  • And, as they grow (which they will!) I will also publish details of my earnings, proving that it really is possible to earn an extra income working online from home.

I hope that others will find this space useful, informative and inspiring. So please, read on and feel free to share your comments, questions or feedback.


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